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Despite the great choice of ready made curtains it's still hard to find the right size and style. Custom made curtains made for the exact window and looks perfect if all measurements were taken correctly. If the measurements are wrong you will be required to seek for the professional assistance and even for the new curtains.

To choose the right curtains is complicate process, you have to think about various factors such fabrics, room design, color palette, window type and size.


Do you have a track or pole? Or maybe you only have a plan to purchase one? You can't order your new curtains if you don't know what type of curtains rod you will have.


If you have a pole you have to measure from one curtain's stopper to another, means the places where the curtain will start and end.

To measure the length, you have to measure from the top of the pole to the floor or till windowsill if you wish a grommet top or hooks top.

If you choose the hooks top measure from the botton of the hooks to the floor or to the windowsill.


If you have a track, you have to measure the width from the one end to another and the length from the hooks bottom to the floor.


When you have the numbers write those down - the numbers are not final.

Now you have to calculate the curtain fullness ration:

1.5 - 3 m for curtains;

2 - 3 m for sheer curtains.


The rod width: 2 m

The curtain length: 2.6 m

Fullness ration: 2m

Total Width = Rod width 2m * Fullness ratio 2 m = 4 m

The total width of the ready curtain should be 4 m.

The length depends on your wishes:

- If you wish the curtains to the floor the length is 2.60 m

- If you wish more practical curtains, order 1 - 2 cm above the floor and the total length will be 2.58 m or 2.59 cm

- If you wish the length to the windowsill, use the length to the windowsill.

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